The life I dreamed about…

par Fanny Lajeunesse

Did you ever have a ideal life vision? A life you dream about? A life you wish it could one day come true? I think everyone does, I do too.

I thought I was close couple times but never been so close than today. Of course if you dream of a perfect life where you get all you want, according to me, you will never get it and your dream would never come true. Your dreams must be realistic to come true. That being said, I will tell you what my dream life is: a life where I could be loved as much as I love others, particularly my spouse. A life where love would be as simple as “I love you and I want to take care of you for the rest of my life!”. A life where I feel honest, generous and that I care about others. A life where I have enough imagination to make people I care about feel they are special to me without being rich. A life where I could find time to do activities I like so I can feel special to me. A life where I know the value of things and time, where I think that love and respect are more valuable than a living room furniture, a car or a house. Also a life where I can share my future projects and visions with my significant other and where he can do the exact same thing with me. A life where we can share everything together. Hard to find you will tell me?

In reality, it is mostly the way you look at everything. Of course, I can’t deny the fact that my husband has a huge role in this. Without him I could not enjoy life as much as I do right now. He, of course, does not do things the same way I would do it, but I appreciate everything he does. I found a man of true deep values who loves me just as much as I love him. For me, he is the gift life gave me that I was waiting for, and I had to jump into it. With his venue in my life, all pieces of the puzzle are taking their places. A baby is coming along in less than 7 weeks. Maternity is not as easy as I thought it would be but sharing my life with that caring man and being surrounded by my family and friends which are so present, comprehensive and attentive helps me going through that big step that is to become a parent.

Of course it would be great to have all material things I wish to have one day, but the true essence of being happy and satisfied in life is not about this according to me, it is all what you do not see, it is how you feel inside, how you feel accomplished as a person. I would rather pay to make others happy than pay to get the latest racing car to satisfy myself only (ok, if some money left, maybe! 😉 ); the inside of people is more interesting to me than what they have. The real richness is what we carry inside, the actions we pose, the altruism we demonstrate. I also think that if you give, you will get something back, maybe not right away, it could be years later but it goes with the following statement: You reap what you sow! And if it does not happen, never, well, you still should feel proud of what you have done.

I truly enjoy getting back to these deep values when life is going fast and want to feel connected to the ground. Today, 7 weeks to be parent with my lovely husband, I feel blessed by life and wish to see this continuing in the years coming. I sincerely wish this to everyone!

This was maybe a short blog article but it says what I wanted to say. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Fanny 🙂